Defending the rights of the poor and needy... Proverbs 31:9b

As Christians, we are called to be salt and light.

A lot of times when Christians unite to stand against the harm that abortion brings, our approach is political–using our power as citizens.

That’s important, but it isn’t everything.

Every day, we encounter people whose lives have been touched by abortion.

  • Maybe they’ve had an abortion or are considering one.
  • Maybe they’ve lost a grandchild, a child, a nephew or niece, or a sibling to abortion.
  • Maybe they are struggling with the contradictory messages that our culture has about human worth.

We Don’t Meet These People in our Legislatures…

And we don’t always meet them in front of the abortion clinic.

We meet them in our daily lives–at work, at school, in our neighborhoods–Even in our churches.

So We Started the Southern California Defending Life Conference

This conference is about exploring how do we make those opportunities happen? How do we respond in love? How do we change hearts and minds?

It’s not about “the issue” of abortion. It’s about the babies, the mothers, the fathers, the grandparents…It’s about equipping us to show God’s grace to those we encounter in our daily lives.

Only Christ can change hearts and minds–He uses us to reach others and He promises His word doesn’t come back empty. 

Our inaugural 

Southern California

Defending Life Conference

was an uplifting success.

Thanks SO much for your support.



We’re doing it all again in 2021,

so be prepared.


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